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Reviews from Past and Current Customers is proud of the reviews we have received from our clients. While no one is perfect, we strive to provide our clients with top notch service & support. We are glad to consider suggestions and regularly implement client requests to improve our services. These reviews will give you an idea of how our clients feel. We have outstanding customer satisfaction.

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  • Best in the Industry[ Posted on 3 September 2004 ]

    After trying multiple other hosting services, I found They have all the bells and whistles and terrific prices. But where they stand apart is their incredible uptime and support request turn around time. The few times I've had problems (as a result of my screw-ups normally), I was able to get a knowledgeable response in MINUTES. Not days and not hours. If uptime and support service are critical for you hosting needs, try You will be thankful.

    Domain Name: perceptiveautomation.comDedicated : 
  • Great ServicePosted on 3 September 2004

    RWH has provided extremely reliable and timely support for our domain. I would definitely recommend them.

    Domain Name: www.siberpaw.comVirtual : 
  • The best of the packPosted on 26 August 2004

    RWH is one of the best hosts out there. Not only are the servers reliable and fast, but the customer support is fast. They're available 24x7 via phone, email, IM. If there's ever any sort of issue (which is rare), they're there for you & within minutes, it's resolved.

    Domain Name: www.photographycorner.comVirtual  : 
  • WonderfulPosted on 18 July 2004

    Thank you so much, you're are so quick to resolve any problem I'm definitely going to tell others that I know about your great service.

    Thanks again,
    July 1, 2004

    First of all let me preface this thread by giving you a little background on the evolution of my journey in search of the holy grail of web hosting "Real Webhost".Some seven years ago I decided to take my business online and built my first website. I knew nothing about webhosting but finally chose a smaller company because I felt like it would be the perfect fit for a true beginner. I knew very little about things like ftp or cgi scripts but I figured they would be able to help me through the learning process and for the most part they did. The problem came when traffic increased on my site to a point where I had reached the largest plan they offered with no flexibility to upgrade. Suddenly they stick a throttle on my site which basically slows my site down to a crawl during peak hours. What it comes down to in effect is by actions and words they tell me to take my business elsewhere.

    I spent about two weeks sorting through all the various web host directories around the internet reading reviews and trying to absurd all the information I could and then narrowing it down to my top ten. They all looked about the same on paper so I made a couple phones calls to contenders and then one to Joey at Real Web host and as they say the rest is history.

    He offered to move my entire site over even though it wasn't on cpanel and not only that but he also helped me get all of my scripts up and running on the

    server. I was astonished not only at his willingness to work on these himself but to pay for tech help out of his own pocket and as if that wasn't enough he would call me on the phone right away to let me know he had resolved yet another of my issues. Never once did my previous webhost ever contact me by phone and their response time by email was many times at best within hours.

    In closing I would say in my wildest webhosting dreams I could never of imagined their was a company out their willing to try so hard and to go the extra mile like Real Webhost has for me!

    Thanks a million Joey!
    Jeff Olson/Owner
    Antique Mystique

    I just think you guys are great.....I did Initially have the most expensive package with RWH but then I downgraded and I assumed I wouldn't the same uptime/quality of service but it was the same throughout. I really appreciate the fact that you helped me with allot of issues from Vbulletin to DNS problems. Ive had almost no downtime, the only times that I *thought* my site was down was due to my ISP's DNS servers not being up-to-date.

    I've gone through 3 hosts and they were more expensive than RWH, When I finally landed here, I was surprised to find such good service and at a cheaper price than the competition. The attention I get is surprising while I am a rwh host customer.

    Chicanismo Registered User April 11. 2004

  • Great Customer ServicePosted on 2 March 2004

    One thing I've come to realize from being a user is the fact that whenever I need help all I need to do is either instant message the admin. or go through the forms.,.,,.I've never had any problems.,., Real Web Host is great compared to other web hosts.,,., Haven't found better for what I'm paying for.,., Probably never will.

    Domain Name: www.whhsbulldog.comVirtual : 
  • What A HostPosted on 27 February 2004

    Realwebhost are not good - they are THE BEST! The after sales service I have received has been phenomenal, and I could never imagine myself being with anyone else - ever!

    Domain Name: mikekemble.comVirtual : 
  • The BEST-and Ive tried many!!Posted on 27 February 2004

    Great Host run by a great guy. I've tried about 10 different hosting companies. RWH is by far the best. I knew as soon as I connected by ftp, the response and speed were GREAT. I can download files at 980KbPs off my server-that's FAST. I haven't had any downtime yet (thought I did-but it was me lol). His response time has averaged 15 minutes by email. CP is great. No errors and backups run smooth. Shell access was granted, and worked great. Cant say enough good things. A++++++

    Domain Name: www.wxcenter.orgVirtual : 
  • Instant Tech SupportPosted on 22 February 2004

    All technical questions are answered in a timely manner. A great choice for those who use PHP, PERL, MySQL, etc.

    Domain Name: www.mylifeisbeer.comVirtual : 
  • Excellent service Posted on 22 February 2004

    I've had a couple of queries and requests and all of them have been dealt with extremely quickly and very courteously. Excellent response

    Domain Name: www.dogged-determination.comVirtual : 
  • pcgamez WebHostingTalk

    February 17,2004

    RealWebHost - I have been with them now for about two weeks. I almost didn't sign up with them because of the name, but I did anyway. No problems with them at all. Good prices, fast responses (sometimes within a minute), easy to contact (can chat through AIM), etc. Very accommodating.



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